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Criminal Law 

At Surge Legal, we handle a diverse array of cases, from common drug and traffic offenses and apprehended violence orders to complex indictable criminal matters. We regularly represent clients in Parramatta Local and District Courts and other Courts throughout Sydney, NSW, achieving the best possible outcomes.

Regardless of whether you're facing a straightforward license suspension or a complex criminal case with serious indictable charges, we provide efficient, personalised, and tailored legal services at reasonable transparent pricing that will surpass your expectations. Trust our criminal lawyers to expertly defend you in the most complex of matters!


Criminal Law Matters

We regularly assist with all kinds of criminal law matters ranging from small offences, which are dealt summarily in the Local Court of NSW to serious indictable offences dealt in the District Court of NSW. At Surge Legal, we pride ourselves on being known for our exceptional knowledge, experience, unique approach, and strong focus on our clients' needs when it comes to Criminal Law matters. We are committed to providing efficient and affordable services, and we guarantee excellent results in relation to all kinds of criminal law offences. Our clients choose us over other firms because we deliver personalized services, ensure full transparency regarding costs, and deliver results. Before we begin working on your case, we always conduct a free 20-minute consultation. During this consultation, we will listen to your concerns and provide you with preliminary advice. We will make it clear to you what your available options are in general terms and the anticipated costs for these options. If you require further assistance, we will then usually schedule an in-depth consultation, either in person or by video conference, to provide you with detailed legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances. This in-depth consultation is critical, because it enables us to consider various defenses and strategies for your case. It also allows us to obtain detailed and granular instructions necessary to evaluate the prospects of success for your case. At the same time, we will issue you with our Costs Agreement, which ensures full transparency regarding our fees. We often work on a fixed fee basis, making our services affordable and predictable.

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Traffic Offences

If you are facing various traffic offences and/or the prospect of losing your licence or would like to appeal a licence suspension, we have got you covered! We ensure that you obtain the required character references, prepare a letter of apology to the Court and complete the required traffic offenders program to give yourself the best chance with your matter, if you are pleading guilty and want to ask for leniency from the Court.  Occasionally, if your matter involves charges where the evidence against you is not particularly strong, we may write to the NSW Police to make representations as to why all or some of the charges against you should be dropped.  As part of our initial in-depth consultation, we will guide you through various possible options in your matter and advise you on the best way forward. Most of our traffic law services are offered on a fixed fee basis with no hidden charges as we are confident in our work and results. We get what our clients want and deliver the best results possible with minimal hassle. Give us a call today on 02 8722 5021 or Book Your Consultation Online.

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Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs)

Matters relating to AVOs or Apprehended Violence Orders are not strictly speaking criminal law matters. You will not get a criminal record if an AVO is made against you for the protection of the other party. However, particularly in family law cases obtaining an AVO may dramatically alter the prospects of success of your parenting case.  You should always obtain immediate legal advice if your former spouse is seeking an AVO against you. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in orders being made for exclusive occupancy of the matrimonial home as well as parenting orders in favour of your former partner. In our experience, if you do not have any related criminal charges or any potential or ongoing family law proceedings, it may be the best and the most cost-effective option to accept the AVO on a without admissions basis and to move on with your life, provided the terms of the AVO are not unnecessarily onerous on you.   We estimate based on our experience that more than 80% of AVO only matters usually resolve by accepting the terms of the AVO on a without admissions basis, with the other less than 20% of cases proceeding to a contested hearing. If you are set on fighting the AVO, we will advise you on the prospects of success of such case and if it is worthwhile to take your case to the hearing.

With Surge You Get the Best Result Possible!

Defending your rights, preserving your freedom: at Surge Legal we navigate the criminal justice system with expertise and dedication, ensuring every voice is heard and every defence is robust. Your battle is our battle!


For Criminal Matters in NSW sentencing options are divided into two main categories: custodial sentences and non-custodial sentences.

1.    Custodial sentences:

a. Imprisonment: This is the most severe penalty available and involves the offender being held in a correctional facility for a specified period. The court will consider factors such as the nature and seriousness of the offence, the offender's criminal history, and the need to protect the community in determining the appropriate length of the sentence.

b. Intensive Correction Orders (ICO): An ICO is a custodial sentence served in the community. Offenders must comply with strict conditions, such as supervision, curfews, and participation in rehabilitation programs. This option aims to provide a structured environment that facilitates rehabilitation while still holding offenders accountable for their actions.

2.    Non-custodial sentences:
a. Community Correction Orders (CCO): A CCO is a flexible sentencing option that can be tailored to the specific needs of the offender and the offence. It involves supervision, community service, and participation in rehabilitation programs. CCOs are typically imposed for less serious offences and first-time offenders, with the aim of reintegrating the offender into society and addressing the root causes of their criminal behaviour.

b. Conditional Release Orders (CRO): A CRO is a non-custodial sentence that imposes conditions on the offender for a specified period, such as good behaviour bonds or non-association orders. This option is typically used for low-level offences and is designed to deter future offending by imposing consequences for non-compliance. For minor offences, conditional release orders are often made with no criminal conviction recorded and a good behavior bond for 6-12 months.

c. Fines: Monetary penalties can be imposed either as a standalone penalty or in conjunction with other sentencing options. Fines are intended to deter offending by imposing a financial cost on the offender.

d. Restitution and compensation orders: These orders require the offender to compensate victims for the harm caused by their actions. Restitution can involve the return of stolen property, while compensation orders may require the offender to pay a sum of money to the victim.

In certain circumstances, your matter may be suitable for dismissal pursuant to Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999. This means you do not get a fine or a criminal record.

Navigating the complex world of criminal law can be challenging, but with Surge Legal, you can trust our experienced and dedicated team to provide the highest quality legal representation.


We're here to help you every step of the way, from explaining your charges to exploring sentencing options and advocating for the best possible outcome.

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Surge Legal offers personalized services, in-depth consultations, and full transparency regarding costs. With our unique approach and commitment to excellence, we guarantee excellent results. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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