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Dedicated Family Lawyers Servicing Northern & Western Sydney

Navigating complex legal issues and emotional challenges of separation can be overwhelming in family law matters. Having a knowledgeable and compassionate family lawyer by your side is crucial to ensure you receive the expert guidance and support you need. Choose wisely and reach out to our office today at 02 8722 5021 for a Free Consultation to experience the Surge Legal difference.

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Your Trusted Family Lawyers

Based in the Northern Sydney suburb of Gordon, our expert family lawyers are proficient in handling a wide range of family law matters. We have extensive experience in dealing with property settlements, child custody and support, divorce, spousal maintenance, de facto relationships, prenuptial agreements, binding financial agreements, and more. ​ Our expertise also extends to complex cases, such as urgent recovery order applications, sole parental responsibility disputes, international family law matters, and high nett worth property division. At Surge Legal, we prioritise unrivaled care, compassion, and commitment to support you during challenging times. ​ We focus on alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and negotiation, to settle matters amicably and cost-effectively without the need for court proceedings. However, if litigation is necessary or already underway, our experienced family lawyers excel in handling unique and intricate cases that other firms may hesitate to take on. With our in-depth understanding of family law, you can trust us to achieve the best possible outcome without incurring excessive costs typically associated with traditional law firms. ​ At Surge Legal, we offer an exceptional level of service at fair and reasonable prices, including fixed-price options for family law services that are uncommon at other firms. We collaborate closely with renowned family law barristers for complex matters to maximise the prospects of success for your case. ​ We recognise the emotional turmoil often accompanying separation and divorce, and our team is dedicated to offering empathetic support and guidance, helping our clients navigate through the most challenging of times and transition towards a new fresh start!

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Why Choose Surge Legal For Your Family Law Matter?

Experts in Family Law

We have years of knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations. We regularly deal with the following matters:



Applications for Consent Orders 

Binding Financial Agreements (also known as BFAs or Prenups)

Applications for Divorce 

Binding Child Support Agreements (BCSAs)

Complex Family Law Litigation

Fully Devoted to Your Needs

Surge Legal differentiates itself by prioritizing client satisfaction and feedback as the prime metrics of our team's performance, as opposed to the bottom line like most law firms. We believe this unique approach significantly contributes to our increased growth and distinguished success in the legal sector. We foster an unshakable bond of trust with our clients by dedicating ourselves entirely to their specific needs and interests, whilst providing top quality legal services.

Built Upon Compassion, Trust and Reliability

Our family law firm is built upon the pillars of compassion, trust, and dependability. We provide bespoke services, crafted through a meticulous understanding of our clients' unique needs and circumstances from the very first meeting. We design a custom legal strategy with your specific requirements at the forefront. With our steadfast support at every turn of your case, you can confidently put your concerns to rest. Trust us to handle your matters with unwavering dedication and empathy.

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