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Family Law Property Matters

A standard Family Law Property Matter can usually be divided into the following stages:

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Find out more about some essential documents often used in Family Law  Property Matters

The vast majority of family law matters resolve by way of obtaining Consent Orders from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. It normally takes on average around 3 months for a standard family law property matter to be resolved by consent, however more complex matters may require between 6-12 months. The main pre-requisite for Consent Orders is that the agreement reached must be fair and equitable pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975, failing which the Application may be rejected by the Court.

Financial Agreements are an essential tool of property settlement when it comes to resolving the matter quickly and/or on terms outside of what the Court might consider fair and equitable. It should be noted that the starting point in most family law property matters should be to attempt to obtain consent orders. If this is not a suitable option depending on your circumstances, you can then consider executing a binding financial agreement. At Surge Legal we assess your suitability for a Financial Agreement during our initial free consultation.. 

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The parties often negotiate their property settlement issues alongside with child support matters. Although often overlooked and given significantly less attention and priority compared to parenting and property issues, binding child support agreements can frequently be used as invaluable tools in negotiations to achieve the desired outcome in the overall property settlement.

Why Should You Choose SURGE LEGAL For Your Family Law Property Matter? 

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