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Fixed Fee Family Law

At Surge Legal we cater to the needs of our clients and understand that they simply cannot stand hidden fees and want certainty and peace of mind in relation to their legal costs.

Fixed Fee Matters

We are pleased to offer fixed fee options that give you peace of mind and certainty regarding your legal fees for the following matters:



  1. Divorce Applications;

  2. Drafting or Review of the Applications for Consent Orders, where agreements have been reached;

  3. Drafting or Review of Binding Financial Agreements, where agreements have been reached;

  4. Binding Child Support Agreements;

  5. Drafting and Preparing on your behalf any required Court Documents for your matter, including Initiating Application, Affidavit, Financial Questionnaire, Financial Statement, Genuine Steps Certificate or Response documents;

  6. Appearances at Court confined to directions hearings, interim hearings and/or final hearings;

  7. Negotiating settlement out of Court for any parenting or property matters on your behalf billed as a fixed fee per agreed time period or per the task required, such as attending mediation or drafting a parenting plan.  

  8. Representing you in Legal Proceedings billed as a fixed fee per agreed time period or per the task required, depending on the complexity of your matter. Some complex litigation may not be suitable for a fixed fee arrangement.

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Why Choose Fixed Fees?

Traditional law firms are simply not interested in fixing your legal fees for most matters, as this creates unnecessary risks if your matter goes on for too long and/or takes up significant time and man hours to resolve.


Put simply, by charging you for the lawyer’s time (usually charged based on the number of units spent on a particular task, where 1 unit = 6 minutes) and not for results, this practice sometimes rewards inefficiency and delays, as it does not provide the same incentive to your lawyer to finalise the matter as quickly as possible, compared to a fixed fee agreement.


If a legal practitioner is experienced in the area of Family Law and understands all intricacies of a particular matter, there is no reason why a mutually acceptable fixed fee agreement cannot be reached between a lawyer and a client. 


At Surge Legal we understand that some of our clients want to have granular control of their legal fees to allow them to do precise financial planning and have more confidence in the legal process. We cater even to the most sophisticated of clients with our precise fixed fee options, which set out various stages of the matter and charge the client a fixed fee based on a particular task completed, or alternatively, a fixed fee for all work reasonably required during an agreed time period. 


In order to advise you if your matter is suitable for a fixed fee agreement, we may need to have a comprehensive conference with you face-to-face in order to obtain detailed instructions for your particular matter, but in some cases this assessment could be made during our initial free consultation with you over the phone. 


You should note that not all matters are suitable to be charged on a fixed fee basis and quite often this option will not be available depending on the complexity of the matter and the number of issues in dispute. Notwithstanding the above, we always endeavor to accommodate most of our clients' requests for a fixed fee option as far as reasonably practicable.

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